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Pausing in Practice: A sand garden lays to rest on a wooden table

Pausing in Practice

Take a pause mid-day to practice mindfulness and coping skills. We use breath work, body movement, thoughtful attention, and visualization to improve our ability to notice and tolerate emotions.
Partnering Purposefully: Gray couch in a bright welcoming office

Partnering Purposefully

Partnering Purposefully– for premarital and beyond! This program is perfect for couples that are looking to enter their marriage journey with attention and intention.
Have you Called Your Mother?! A gray couch and a blue chair sit in a conversational office space.

Have You Called Your Mother?!

This processing group is for women with emotionally immature mothers. "Have You Called Your Mother" is a space to explore past and current hurts along with others with similar experiences.
a couch for consultations


We offer clinical consultation for providers that are seeking additional support or feedback on stuck cases, countertransference, and other common blocks to the therapeutic process. If you are working towards licensure or EMDR certification, reach out for more information.
a blue chair for a client undergoing emdr intensives

EMDR Intensives

An EMDR Intensive is a unique approach to therapy. Instead of scheduling weekly sessions for an hour each week, an EMDR Intensive allows clients to process through and treat issues much more quickly and efficiently. We offer both Individual and Couple Intensives.
a living room setting for group therapy

Group Therapy

We offer a variety of therapy groups led by our licensed therapists for clients to support their treatment needs and goals.
office room for trauma therapy & emdr

Trauma Therapy & EMDR

Our trained therapists support individuals in their trauma recovery, including the use of EMDR, somatic therapies, and group therapy to manage and reduce the effects of past difficult experiences.