Partnering Purposefully Support Group

Partnering purposely: A couch sits against a window with a city skyline
For premarital and beyond!

Partnering Purposefully Support Group

Partnering Purposefully is bringing care and intention to your relationship during the life stage/transition from just before engagement, through the wedding, and into the first few years of marriage. This transition is an exciting time. Couples experience so much joy, love, and hopefulness as they prepare for the adventure ahead. Of course, along with the joy, there is also the increase in stress and pressure with such a significant transition.

Additionally, after the  celebrations slow down and a couple settles into the routine of marriage, new conflicts can arise. This is the time when some unhealthy patterns can take hold. How do you manage conflict? How do you connect? Have you explored long term goals and expectations thoroughly enough to stay on the same page?

This window of time—the years before and shortly following the wedding—is a distinct opportunity to learn and grow, to bring intentionality to how a couple starts their marital
journey. It is the next level of premarital counseling! This group provides an ideal place for couples to strengthen the tools they have already learned – a safe space to hold themselves accountable to the goals they have set forth to show up for each other in the years ahead.

**In order to participate in this group, couples need to have completed the 3-day Partnering Purposefully program. This provides the foundation necessary for all members to make the most use of the space for themselves and each other.**