Partnering Purposefully

Partnering Purposefully: Gray couch in a bright welcoming office
Premarital & Early Marriage Support

Partnering Purposefully Program

Fairfax Integrative Therapy is excited to announce the launch of our newest program, Partnering Purposefully– for premarital and beyond!

The idea of purposeful partnering grew out of our work with clients in the time period around the wedding— the life stage transition from just before engagement, through the wedding, and into the first few years of marriage. This program is perfect for couples that are looking to enter their marriage journey with attention and intention.

The program is 3 consecutive days, during which couples will learn and strengthen the skills necessary for healthy communication, build tools to challenge unhealthy patterns in the relationship, and explore individual beliefs and experiences influencing the relational dance. After identifying relational triggers unique to your couple dynamic, couples have the opportunity to incorporate Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Learn more about EMDR HERE. to desensitize these triggers so that each partner can more easily access the healthy tools and techniques taught throughout the Program.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide concrete tools to improve communication and strengthen connection
  2. Build insight into each partner’s internal process and how that contributes to the relationship dynamic
  3. Label and explore any unhealthy relational patterns that may worsen over time
  4. Learn about emotion regulation and window of tolerance, necessary building blocks allowing access to healthy tools of communication
  5. Desensitize relational triggers using EMDR

As an added bonus, couples that complete the 3-day Purposeful Partnering program are eligible to join the Partnering Purposefully Support Group. Click here for more information.