Group Therapy


Our Group Therapy Services

Some clients thrive through the support of the community in a group therapy setting. Attendees share their unique experiences and often find similarities in their journeys that help them on the path to collective emotional and mental wellness. Browse our groups below for the unique support that fits your goals.
Have you Called Your Mother?! A gray couch and a blue chair sit in a conversational office space.

Have You Called Your Mother?!

This processing group is for women with emotionally immature mothers. "Have You Called Your Mother" is a space to explore past and current hurts along with others with similar experiences.
Trauma Processing: A comfy gray chair sits in the corner of a cream room

Trauma Processing

Offering a therapy group for trauma processing for those who desire additional, ongoing support.
Partnering purposely: A couch sits against a window with a city skyline

Partnering Purposefully Support Group

Partnering Purposefully is bringing care and intention to your relationship through the premarital stages and beyond.
Pausing in Practice: A sand garden lays to rest on a wooden table

Pausing in Practice

Take a pause mid-day to practice mindfulness and coping skills. We use breath work, body movement, thoughtful attention, and visualization to improve our ability to notice and tolerate emotions.