EMDR Intensives

EMDR Intensives

a blue chair for a client undergoing emdr intensives

EMDR is different from traditional talk therapy, and an EMDR Intensive provides the opportunity to receive the benefits of EMDR more quickly. Rather than meeting weekly for months or even years, clients are able to meet agreed upon goals within days, allowing the space to address significant emotional stressors faster and heal more quickly. FIT offers both Individual and Couples EMDR Intensives. 

Benefits of EMDR Intensives include:

EMDR Intensives: Individual

Because of the powerful healing effect of EMDR therapy, Intensives can produce faster results than weekly sessions using standard talk-therapy techniques. In many cases, Intensives can enhance work clients are already doing with a weekly therapist by creating space to focus on very specific parts of a client’s history or experience. Intensives can range from 3-6 hour sessions for 1-4 consecutive days, depending on need. Intensives are not for everyone, an assessment for readiness is provided. If you are interested in exploring the idea of an Intensive, please contact us and we can help you decide if an intensive is right for you.

EMDR Intensives: Couple

FIT is offering multi-day EMDR Intensives for couples that are experiencing distress in their relationship. Whether you are stuck in the same unhealthy cycle, feeling trapped by the same underlying issues, having the same conversation or complaint over and over, or you and your partner recently experienced an emotionally traumatic event within the relationship, this Intensive is for you. A couple’s intensive will provide you with the space to build insight, process, and reconnect so that you can heal from relational traumas such as infidelity, breaches of trust, and harmful communication patterns.

EMDR Intensives: Extended Sessions

In addition to intensives, we also offer extended sessions that can be incorporated into the treatment process in a variety of ways. Whether a periodic 3 hour session is needed to address a specific target or you prefer longer sessions to weekly, hourly sessions your therapist will work with you to find a treatment plan that works best with your goals, needs, and schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, sessions will last 3-8 hours, with several breaks. The amount of time we will be working each day will be tailored for each client and their goals.  The nice part about Intensives is the flexibility afforded to custom fit the work to what your goal is at the time. 

Our Couples Intensives are designed to be customizable based on each couple’s needs. Below is an example of what one of our intensives may look like.

Day One:

  1. Identify stuck points and relationship triggers
  2. Provide psychoeducation on concrete strategies to improve communication and connection
  3. Introduction to EMDR, identify body cues to strengthen mind/body connection
  4. Identify goals for EMDR work

Day Two:

  1. Couple will address and reprocess stuck points impacting relationship dynamic with EMDR

Day Three:

  1. Integrate EMDR changes into the couple’s dynamic
  2. Support couple in strengthening understanding of each other’s feelings, beliefs, and experiences to increase compassion and patience within the relationship
  3. Practice the tools and skills to build connection and communication 

It depends!  During your intake consultation, we will discuss what you would like to work on and the goals you would like to achieve through the Intensive.  At that time, we will make a determination regarding how much time will be needed.  We may ask you to submit a brief written history ahead of time in order to most effectively utilize our consultation time on the phone.

First, schedule a 20-minute, free phone consultation through our ‘contact us’ page. Consultations are NOT therapy - they are an exploration to see if an intensive is a good fit for you.

We suggest treating the days surrounding intensive sessions like a personal retreat. This is a time for clients to really focus on healing themselves. Schedule activities you enjoy around your sessions such as massages, yoga, and hiking.

If something comes up and you are unable to attend your Intensive, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling.  Rescheduling will not affect your deposit or payment. If you need to cancel your Intensive entirely, your deposit will be returned minus $1,000 booking fee if the cancellation is made prior to 30 days before your scheduled Intensive. Deposits are fully non-refundable if the cancellation is made within 30 days of the scheduled Intensive.

What Our clients say


"I went through a period where many very important things went wrong simultaneously. Recovering from that has been a difficult process, with feelings of resentment and fear clouding my judgment and keeping me from living my best life. During a three day EMDR intensive with Christina I learned a great deal about how to process those events in a way that made me feel liberated, stronger and clearer than I had been in years. Christina was fabulous to work with and I can't recommend the intensive process enough."