Have You Called Your Mother?!

Have you called your mother: a chair sits by a side table in a cream office with green plants
Group for Women with Emotionally Immature Mothers

Have You Called Your Mother?!

Do you identify as a daughter of a narcissistic mother? Did you experience emotional neglect or abuse as a child, including your mother’s substance use, shame/criticism, high expectations, volatility, or dismissiveness? This process group is a space to explore these hurts along with others with similar experiences.

Group Goals:

  1. Provide psychoeducation on the experience of growing up with an emotionally immature mother.
  2. Explore common symptoms in adulthood including shame, invisibility, low self- worth, people-pleasing, codependency, overworking, perfectionism, and more.
  3. Process with others the role you want your mother to play in your life today, exploring themes of acceptance and grief.
  4. Empower group members to lead more fulfilling lives through clear boundaries, self-advocacy, and consistent self-care.

This group meets weekly either in-person on Wednesdays at 11am or virtually on Tuesdays at 2pm. Both options are $150 per group session. Christina is conducting initial consultations now. Make sure you secure your spot today!