Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy

Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy

couch that could be used in individual, couple, or family therapy

At Fairfax Integrative Therapy, we are skilled at quickly identifying specific goals and the treatment approach that will be the most productive to address your needs, whether it be individual, couple, or family therapy. We help you gain insight into your patterns and experiences, day to day symptoms, and relationships to create change.

Individual Therapy

At FIT we have a range of approaches to address individual therapy goals. We help adults, teens, and older children address issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mood issues and behavioral challenges. We are a place to process anxiety and depression, relationship distress, life stage transitions, social skills, parenting issues, and personal growth.

Couple Therapy

We work with premarital couples, long term partners, and couples making decisions about the future of their relationships. Whether you are in distress and conflict or hoping to improve your communication and connection, we support partners in having productive and meaningful conversations to have healthier relationships. We have experience helping couples with issues around high conflict, affair recovery, desire discrepancy, chronic disconnection, and life stage transitions.

Family Therapy

As LMFTs, we are all trained and comfortable in addressing family dynamics and stuck conflicts. We specialize in working with complex family systems to improve boundaries, repair hurt, increase attachment, and improve communication. We work hard to ensure that each member of the family feels heard and underlying patterns are explored. Family therapy can create a powerful shift in the family dynamic to strengthen openness, connection, compassion, and understanding.