Rachel Cheche Hoover

Rachel Cheche Hoover

  • Position: LMFT
  • Location: 1118 Crozet Ave Crozet, VA 22932
  • Email: Rachel@fairfaxintegrativetherapy.com
  • Phone: (757) 630-1315

Personal Experience & Biography

I provide therapy to teenagers, adults, and couples who have diverse reasons for seeking therapy, including mental health support, personal growth, and relationship issues. I especially enjoy working with individuals who want support for managing anxiety, for navigating the significant life changes that come with adolescence, the transition to college, and young adulthood, and for developing self-esteem and more positive relationships with food, eating, and their body. I have also seen the benefits of incorporating creative, non-traditional methods to supplement talk therapy when clients are open to doing so, including mindfulness meditation and expressive art techniques. Clients located near Charlottesville, VA are able to do walk and talk therapy sessions from my office location in Crozet, VA. Walk and talk therapy can be a great option for clients who are interested in practicing mindfulness techniques, improving their mind-body connection, and taking advantage of the many benefits of connecting with nature.

Depending on clients’ needs, I draw from attachment-based and trauma-informed therapy models, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy models, to find a balance between skill-building in the present and fostering insight into how past experiences impact current issues. As a therapist trained in family systems, I incorporate parent and family sessions as needed when working with teenagers and young adults. I have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a research-supported treatment for trauma and other distressing life events, and am working towards EMDR certification.

Finding a therapist who can meet your needs while also helping you feel emotionally safe is crucial for therapy to work, so I am happy to speak with you about your hopes for therapy and how we could work together to realize your goals. I’m an inclusive provider who works to create a safe and affirming therapy space for people of all identities. My hope is that the work we do together in therapy will support you in better understanding yourself and feeling empowered to manage challenges going forward.


Virginia Tech State University (2017) Falls Church, VA—Master of Science, Human Development: Marriage and Family Therapy.

The College of William and Mary (2014) Williamsburg, VA—Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Minor in Art and Art History.


AAMFT Research and Education Foundation Master’s Thesis Award, Fall 2018: Emotion Dysregulation as a Mediator Between Insecure Attachment and Psychological Aggression

Publication: Hoover, R. C. & Jackson, J. (2019). Insecure attachment, emotion dysregulation, and psychological aggression in couples. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, doi:10.1177/0886260519877939

Poster Presentation: “Emotion Dysregulation as a Mediator of Insecure Attachment and Psychological Aggression in Couples,” National Council on Family Relations, November 2018

Professional Organizations

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy